Thursday, November 10, 2016

President Elect Donald J. Trump

We have a new President elect and a crystal clear directive from We The People.  We have stood our ground and said no more to the political establishment, lobbyist, special interest groups and bias media.  We have pulled off what each of those were trying to convince us was impossible.  This is truly a great and momentous accomplishment but believe me when I say we have just won the first incursion in what will be a long war.  Donald Trump’s rise from political obscurity to being named the 45th President of the United States did not happen overnight, nor without the figurative bloodshed.  We saw every nasty trick, bogus story, and card played by both Republicans and Democrats alike.  The old antics of racism, bigotry, sexism, and intolerance was spewed around every corner but it seems finally the veil of that game is starting to be pulled back.

Though there will be tough times ahead we will be a stronger even a more united country because of it.  Not because of that which divides us, but because of those thing that tie us all together as Americans.  We need to ensure we check our own emotions and not be dismissive of others.  Too long have we lived in a country to afraid to talk about taboo issues in a truly open dialogue without self-justifying spins to prove our own point.  We have to put down political correctness and preconceived ideology to make progress.  We have to stop referring to each other as black voters, brown voters, white voters and say with a unified voice we are American votes.  We are a country that is a melting pot of cultures, races, and religions. 

Why am I stressing this so much?  Well because we have never been here before.  We have never had a leader that wasn’t born from the dogma of the political class that is rooted in and hampered by back room commits.  We have all fallen victim at one time or another to the promises of change and a new beginning.  Unfortunately, we wake up in four or sometimes eight years realizing the timeworn political talking points haven’t changed at all.  This is because we have always elected someone from that elite group of politicians and somehow have been duped that this one is different.  More times than not we have seen that although the pattern may appear different that are all cut from the same cloth. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican problem but a cancer spurn from the constant exposure to wills of those that feed off keeping us in a perceptual state of unrest and crisis to ensure their place at the top as our hopeful savior.  

Donald Trump is not part of their plan. He has not broken the mold for the political process and exposed it for what it is.  Many still bought into the emotional rhetoric spewed to incite fear, racial tension, and in the end secure victory for the elitist candidate of choice.  We can all rest assured Donald Trump was not that candidate. is brings me to the true magnitude of what happened November 8.  We have someone in office that has no favor to return, no back room promises to fulfill, no inflexible restriction of the politicians of the past.  I know not everyone is on the same page or even in the same book as Mr. Trump when it comes to personality but we should all be in the same paragraph when it comes to breaking the cycle of our fragmented political system.  Donald Trump is the tool to do this.  If he keeps only 10% of the promises he has made (which is about 9.8% more than most politicians) we will fundamentally be a new nation.

A new nation that is rooted in the guidelines laid out by our founding fathers.  We have strayed so far from tough choices and bold actions to suffice the emotionally weak and intellectually timid.  We are a country full of potential and ready to see our days of glory return.  Be ready and prepared because as pull back the so called “progress” to find our way home many will try to say its regression.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Think of it as making a wrong turn on a trip and before you can get where you need to be you must retrace your steps, backtrack.  The election of Donald Trump is our proof that America had made the wrong turn and is ready to get back on track.  I am ready to take that journey and to be a strong voice in defense of what’s best for our country.  I know that changes to tax codes and removing business strangling regulations will never get the press that a bunch of folks marching around Trump Towers with signs reading “No Hate” while screaming “F__k Trump.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t more important.  We need to not be distracted by sensationalism of the same media that has tried to convince us the last 8 years have been moves in the right direction.

The road ahead is not smooth or without its share of potholes.  It is not straight nor well lit.  It is an old dirt lane blazed by patriots like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It winds its way through the heart of this great country over bridges of equality, around obstacles of media bias, and through tunnels of uncertainty.  Though the journey will not be easy the destination is well worth the toils. Though there is no GPS for this journey there is a road map, our Constitution.  A map that leads to our God given liberties, and rejuvenation of our countries soul.  Not for just Republican but for all.  There is no race, gender, or religious restriction to take this path and to reap in the rewards of reaching our destination.  So as American let’s come together, put our predetermined ideas and judgments aside, and commit to each other as we have never done before.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Election 2016: What Does It All Mean?

So what does this all mean?  

It seems like every day we are opening our apps and web browsers and seeing an onslaught of new information regarding emails, alleged sex scandal… heck you name it.  Talking heads at the media outlets spouting off words and phrases like collusion and disenfranchised voters.  There is a new poll every day and a new batch of Wikileaks emails every night.  So again I say what does this all mean?  Well let’s chunk this into two major topics to make it easier to muddle through; the impacts for today, this election and the impacts for the future. 

For the here and now I think we are building a launching pad.  I know we are all super focused on the election and trust me we should be, but understand this is bigger- much bigger.  We are not just peeling back the layers of the onion we are ripping them away.  The exposure to the, as Trump would put it, rigged system is beyond repair, and the political elite are in full on panic mode.  In my current job I hear corporate lingo that honestly at times churns my stomach, however one actually applies here.  Push and Pull.  Never before has there been the push and pull on the political process as there is in this election.  I know at times it has been ugly and painful and well sometimes down right embarrassing but you cannot deny it has been eye opening.  We are now looking at stories for details and updates, that only months ago, many of us might have chalked up as no more than conspiracy theory.  We have learned a lot about our government, our media, our fellow Americans, and maybe even a little about ourselves.  Let’s do a little deeper dive into these things.

Our Government:

We all knew and maybe even accepted the idea there were back room deals and off the book negotiation.  It was just the status quo and although we didn’t like it we sat idly by as they took place.  Donald Trump has changed that.  We now are turning over stones, leaves, and hacked emails to get at the truth.  We are seeing a new generation of folks that are inspired to uncover the corruption, and in doing so are making many of our elected officials reveal their true colors.  RINOs have never been easier to spot and liberals have never been more… well… liberal.  What was once the Da Vinci Code of political conduct is now being laid out in front of the public and we are wading through it daily.  We are seeing our lawmakers and officials answering questions they had always been able to avoid and in many cases this is truly drawing lines in the sand.

Some people see this as a negative. I see it as a revelation.  Love it or hate, it it’s the truth.  We all know that the truth can be ugly and this political unveiling is no different.

The Media:

This is where I believe the biggest unmasking has occurred.  Thorough emails revealing collusion to stories so bias even the most left of the left cringe.  Let’s be honest though, the people that are truly conservative will always be truly conservative and have long ago abandoned the media as a reliable source of information.  The same can be said about the far left.  Although they are not swayed by media stories they are reassured by them or maybe justified is a better term there.  It is those middle of the road people.  Those that have not truly committed to a way of thinking or have chosen to remain Switzerland-ish in the political world who are feeling this the most.  They have nowhere to turn and feel like sheep without a shepherd when trying to find the real deal when it comes to story.  Hence the rise (and in some cases fall) of social media.  Folks making conclusions off of posts of 160 characters or less.

This cuts deeper than that though and the main reason is the chips have had to hit the table.  For the first time the media has had to pull back their mask as journalists and take on the mantle of political promoters.  We all knew this to be true but the Trump factor has made them throw caution to the wind, give up the guise of unbiased reporting and show they are no more than a “progressive” democratic super pack. In doing so they have single handedly stoked the flame of civil unrest, racial tension, and glorification of anti-American sentiment.  In an effort to keep the status quo of favors for preferential media treatment they have exposed themselves as the hacks we all thought but now know they are.  From the entire MSNBC staff to even supposed conservatives like Megyn Kelly the gig is up.

Our Fellow Americans:

I remember back in 2012 thinking our country is really divided by the election.  Man that was a cake walk compared to now.  I have been at times amazed, at times appalled, and more times than that speechless at the public turmoil we have seen.  Now I say this and many leftists will say “see Donald Trump has been the worst thing ever for politics”.  I say the EXACT opposite.  He has left us with no wiggle room to remain neutral.  We are unable to sit on the sidelines and do nothing.  His presences alone has called to the floor every person and point of view. We are for the first time truly addressing issues that have long been left untouched and unmentioned.  Whether you love him or hate him you cannot deny this.  We even saw the effects on the Democratic side with the rise of Bernie Sanders regardless of whether the DNC wanted it or not.  Americans are more aware (not informed) about politics then I have seen in my lifetime. 

It is hard though to put your point of view aside to see the whole picture.  We need to as this isn’t a snap shot view it is truly panoramic.  America as we know it is at risk and unfortunately many people see that as a good thing.  Out with the old and in with the new they say.  However, they are being fooled as the left is simply doing a repackaging job and presenting old failed policies as new progressive ideas.  Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a left verses right thing.  This is a political class of power hunger self-enriching brats verses us, everyday Americans (which Hillary hates).  You have to look pass the bells and whistles and decide which side you will be on and live with the results of that choice.

The Future:

We have all heard the phrase your future is what you make it, and this has never rung more true.  We are not at a crossroads we are at a point of divergence.  I true turning point for America, and not only if one candidate gets elected over the other.  America will never be the same after this election- that is a given.  We can’t un-see the injustices and revelations that have come to a head trough this campaign season.  As in the Matrix we have all taken the red pill and we are stuck with our new reality.  Many will plant their head back into the sand hoping if they just don’t watch, things will go back to the way they were.  Trying to find bliss in ignorance but the truth won’t let that happen.  I will put aside the obvious pitfalls we face based on who gets the final nod for the job and focus solely on American’s future regardless.  The biggest impact to me is in the two party system.

I think we will see an emergence of a new two party concept.  Not one of Republicans and Democrats but one of Populist and Political elite.  A group of people fed up with the way things have been whether it be Bernie Sander/Jill Stein folks tired of not having a true voice in the DNC or Trump supporters and anti-RINO Republicans that can no longer be part of that party.  Now of course the outcome of the election will decide which section breaks off first but don’t be fooled that both groups will cut ties. The scary part here is that I fear it will be much harder and maybe even impossible for the two break away groups to find common ground and unite.  The political elites that are left will not have that problem.  They will see coming together as a means of survival and way to sustain their quid pro quo.  I know that is bleak but I believe it to be realistic.  I think what we have to do to prevent this is to have a voice of reason based on facts and logic.  To refrain from emotional responses and truly participate in open dialogue with those of differing opinions. 

You see not all is lost as the media would have us believe.  We have a chance like no other to place in office a person that will truly be a mover and a shaker.  Someone that in spite of his sometimes blunt behavior is beholden to no political lobbyist or special interest group.  Someone that can take it on the chin to get things swinging back toward the people of this country and not the people elected to run it.  Don’t misunderstand the path of a Trump presidency, is not an easy or even a pretty one but rarely are those not taken before. The most beautiful moments are often found at the end of a bumpiest roads.  I am willing to travel that road to get that view.  I am willing to be labeled and ridiculed to stand for my country.  I am willing to be a bridge to bring people together instead of a wedge that our current system has been.  I will accept the dangers of being different in a broken system rather than continuing down our current path of certain destruction.

I love our country and I believe we have strayed far away from her potential.  Is Donald Trump the answer?  I am not sure, but I am sure that he is the option that will get us going down the path toward being America the Beautiful again

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hillary Cheers The Loudest For Cruz and Kasich Dropping Out!

Now before all you #NeverTrump people starting hitting the like and share button, or you #CruzCrew starting leaving nasty comments hear me out.  Hillary is not cheering because she is licking her chops to go up against Trump in the general election.  In fact I think she is in a state of panic.  She is running to every closet in all her homes pushing those skeletons back as far as they can go.  She’ll be hiding them behind rhetoric of how horrible of a woman hating racist Trump is all with the help of her super pack the media.  It’s not that Trump is unbeatable or easily beaten.  She is cheering because she knows she is not going to have the full power of the Republican voice against her.  She is cheering because the math says if the #NeverTrump folks jump ship I am home free regardless of any email scandal or Benghazi cover up.

We as Republicans have yet to learn the secret sauce of the Democrats and that is unity.  We refuse to put aside difference (big or small) and stand united.  We quarrel and point fingers just lining the pockets of our true opponents, the DNC, with sound bite after sound bite, and story after story.  We have started the last to Presidential elections with more possible candidates then we have fingers.  We bicker and fight and pander until we alienate ourselves from ourselves.  We make drastic claims and dig up every ounce of dirt until we have vested our faith and vote to a candidate and not the goal, which is getting back into the White House.  When the dust settles we see a much deeper and drastic line in our party then we have had over the past two elections against the democrats, which gave us Barak Obama.  I wonder if we will learn.

I am not a Trumpster by any means as he has said and done things I just don’t agree with.  However I would be a bald face liar if I said there was any candidate that hasn’t.  I am reminded of a decision I had to make when dealing with a situation at work.  I was in immediate need of a vendor that could provide a service that I couldn’t do myself.  The internal vetting and due diligence processes would have taken too long to find a new vendor so I was forced to look at the vendors we already had on the books.  It became quickly apparent only two companies could provide the service I needed and neither of them would have been my 1st or even 5th choice.  Needless to say the company was in need right now so a choice had to be made.  I did the classic pro’s and con’s assessment.  Hells even pulled out my Green Belt and Post-it notes. Through all of that, when it came down to it I felt the same as I did before, unsure and unhappy.

I had to choose and choose fast because we were on a path that needed to be course corrected and this service was unavoidable. So in the end I sat down with my team and talked about not the pros but the cons.  Not our feeling, or our emotions, or our ideals, but the cons of each vendor.  In the end we had a clear vendor that we could not go with, and in the process selected the vendor we would go with.  We knew there were still sore spots and possible pitfalls, but we were ready for them and prepared to handle them.  We knew we would have to hold that vendor accountable, and be more then mindful of how they did their work.  This exercise as painful and as hard as it was resulted in us being able to move forward.  To be prepared and to ensure we never got here again.  We achieved our goals and in the process became better managers and the vendor became better as well.

If I have to spell out the correlation there then… well you’re probably a Sanders supporter.  We have to remember in life it isn’t always about getting our way.  It is about getting the best we can with what we are given.  If we refuse to see that common sense logic then we are sure to see another Clinton in the White House.  She is someone that plans to build off of and carry on Obama’s legacy.  Someone that is willing to let our true patriots dies with no sense of ownership or remorse.  Someone that will use every ounce of power she has to change the very Constitution this great nation was born from.  So if you are ok with that then by all means, write in someone’s name, vote for a 3rd party, or refuse to vote at all.  However do it knowing that the Democrats will not. Whether Bernie or Hillary they will be at the poles, united and voting against us.  Facts are facts and numbers are numbers and that is a formula where we can’t win.  So stop writing your post November “Blame Trump” speech and stand straight in front of the mirror and tell it to yourself if you refuse to stand up against Hillary in any and every way possible.